First Impressions Matter.

Dated: 03/29/2019

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First Impressions Matter

Beautiful home exterior during late spring season with clean landscape making first impressions.

You never get a second chance to make a good first impression, and that holds true for your house as well. So, when prepping your home to sell, don’t forget to spruce up the exterior and the surrounding yard.

In other words, focus first on what potential buyers will see first.

The Front Door

It the door is old or outdated, consider replacing it. A new front door is relatively inexpensive and can add an instant wow factor to a home, especially if it comes in an eye-popping color. Updated locks and kick plates will increase the security of your home and will ease the minds of potential buyers. At the very least, give the door a fresh coat of paint or stain.

Curb Appeal on a Budget: Improving the Exterior of Your House

Exterior Paint

When is the last time the outside of the home was painted? If you can’t remember, it is probably time to have it done. Neutral colors such as white or grey will work best. Wood siding should be repainted every three to seven years, while aluminum and stucco can go about five years before it needs repainting. If it’s not in the budget for a full paint job, consider having the trim repainted. Every bit helps.

Walk Around the House

What do you see in need of attention? Could your driveway or front steps use some pressure washing? Do it yourself with a rented machine or hire a local company. Replace any outdoor light bulbs that have burned out. Trim bushes, flowers and tree branches to make your home inviting. Make sure the garage door and doorbell are in proper working order as well.

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