6 Easy Steps to Creating Curb Appeal

Dated: 03/29/2019

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Six Easy Steps to Creating Curb Appeal

Six Easy Steps to Creating Curb Appeal

When prepping a home for sale, don’t forget the exterior of the house in the rush to revamp the interior. Curb appeal is key. If potential buyers aren’t dazzled by the exterior of a home, they might enter the house with a negative impression — assuming they go inside at all. Here’s a handy outdoor checklist.

  1. The landscaping. Dead plants and unruly yards are sure turnoffs. Luckily, those types of issues are easy fixes. Replace dead plants and shrubbery with low-maintenance plants that are native to your area. Unsure of what to plant? Ask for help at a local nursery. Native plants generally require less maintenance and watering.
  2. Neatness counts. Put away toys, tools and anything else that might be cluttering the yard or driveway. Haul away any trash. Pull weeds, mow and trim the lawn on a regular basis and don’t forget to sweep away yard clippings, excess dirt or pine straw. If you’re a fan of garden statuary or artwork, consider packing away most of your collection. It could be a turnoff.
  3. The door. After sprucing up the front yard, take a look at the front door. What does it say to potential buyers? Is it secure and well-maintained? Does the lock work or do you have to jiggle the knob sometimes? Is a new doorknob needed? Once all repairs are made, give the door a new coat of paint. It’s an easy and inexpensive fix that will transform the front of your home.
  4. What about the lighting? Make sure the front entrance is well lit for safety and showmanship. Also check lights around the garage or patio. Replace burned out bulbs and any broken fixtures.
  5. Details, details. Test the doorbell to make sure it works. Is the house number visible? If not, repair or replace. What about the mailbox? Repaint and repair as needed.
  6. Let it shine. Stand at the curb and give the house a critical look. If it still appears dingy, have the house, driveway and walkways pressure washed and the windows cleaned.
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